Affordable Routine Maintenance for Winter in Longmont

routine maintenance LongmontAlthough we’ve enjoyed an unseasonably warm fall, winter weather will eventually arrive in northern Colorado. Best Auto Repair in Longmont wants to give our clients the peace of mind that their vehicle is in prime operating condition this winter by providing thorough yet affordable routine maintenance. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is an independent nonprofit that has been testing and certifying auto technicians in a variety of areas for over 45 years. Below are recommendations from ASE to ensure your vehicle is prepared for winter driving conditions.

Low-Cost Routine Maintenance Tips for Safe Winter Driving in Longmont

  • Check the Battery– Professional equipment is the only accurate way to measure a battery’s strength, and in some new models, removing battery cables can cause data loss or damage.
  • Inspect Lights– Bright, clear headlights are just as important to proper visibility as good wiper blades and windshield washing fluid. Have dim bulbs replaced and clouded lenses refinished.
  • Check Brakes & Transmission– Having these critical parts assessed at the manufacturer’s suggested intervals will catch small problems and prevent costly future repairs.
  • Inspect Exhaust System– Checking the undercarriage, trunk and floorboards along with the exhaust line when the vehicle is lifted will ensure no deadly fumes are entering the cabin through leaks.
  • Address Engine Problems– If your car is showing signs of poor performance, such as hard starts, rough idling, stalling or diminished power, get the engine evaluated now before cold weather makes the problem worse. Our mechanics will also inspect and tighten the drive belt, clamps and hoses during their extensive review.
  • Replace Fluids– Following the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule for replacing fluids, such as the cooling system, will keep your vehicle in optimal condition. This includes changing the oil at regular intervals, which is the most neglected service yet essential for protecting the engine!

In addition to the above services, the ASE-certified technicians at Best Auto Repair in Longmont will also inspect the tires, heater and defroster as part of our thorough routine maintenance to ensure your car is ready for winter!

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