Affordable Water Pump Repair in Longmont

The function of a car’s water pump is simple: to cycle coolant to the radiator to prevent the engine from overheating. Internal blades send coolant through the engine and into the radiator to be cooled before starting the cycle over. This basic part is essential to proper engine function. If you suspect your water pump is wearing out, have the ASE certified mechanics at Best Auto Repair in Longmont inspect and replace it before more damage is done.

4 Signs that a Water Pump Needs Repair

  1. Whining noise from engine that gets louder when accelerating. Most likely caused by a loose pulley or worn out bearings inside the water pump.
  2. Red or green puddle under your parked vehicle. When the pump’s gaskets and seals deteriorate, coolant will start to leak.
  3. Frequent high temperature readings on the engine gauge. When the water pump stops doing its job, the engine will start to overheat.
  4. Radiator producing steam. This is the last, and biggest, warning sign of a broken water pump. Don’t risk causing more extensive damage to your engine by driving your overheated vehicle- call a tow truck instead.

Fortunately, water pumps typically last a long time in newer vehicles but, just like any other engine component, they are not impervious to failing. If you notice any of the above signs that point to a damaged water pump, the experienced staff at Best Auto Repair in Longmont can quickly diagnose and, if necessary, replace any broken parts in your vehicle.

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