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Does your vehicle need brake service? Brakes are vital to your safety when driving. What signs indicate that you need brake service?

Our mechanics at Best Auto of Longmont suggest that you watch for these signs that might indicate you need brake service.

    • Do you have brake noise?
    • Does it take you longer to stop than it used to?
    • Does your steering wheel wiggle in your hands when you come to a stop?
    • Are your rear wheels locking up?


Best Auto of Longmont offers a brake inspection service and a vehicle maintenance program. If you need brake repair, all key components will be considered.

Master cylinder and brake fluid: Brakes operate hydraulically (using fluid to transfer the power of your foot on the pedal to the actual brakes on the wheels). The master cylinder is the start of the power flow. If the master cylinder can’t exert enough power to push the fluid to the brakes, brake service is needed. Also, brake fluid will be inspected for cleanliness.

When the fluid is clean and the master cylinder and lines are operating properly, the mechanical parts of the brakes will be inspected.

Brake calipers, pads and rotors work together to stop your vehicle. When you step on your brake pedal, the master cylinder sends fluid to the brake calipers which squeeze together, exerting pressure on the brake pads. It’s important to have your calipers inspected often for signs of wear or damage.

When the calipers squeeze, the brake pads clamp down on the rotors in order to slow your car. If your brake pads are worn down, they can’t make a smooth connection with the rotors and this can cause damage.

Rotor repairs can be very costly.   Best Auto of Longmont will make sure your brake pads are sized to specifications and that they’re not worn down too far.

Most brake pads come with wear indicators that will make a squealing sound to let you know it’s time for replacement. It’s best to replace them before you hear a squeal.

Sticking to the schedule in your owner’s manual will keep you from forgetting when it’s time for brake service. A good rule of thumb is to have your brake pads inspected for wear about every 12,000 miles.

Best Auto of Longmont takes into consideration, when it comes to replacing brake pads and brake fluid, your style of driving and your vehicle’s specific needs. Best Auto’s qualified automotive technicians use parts specifically designed to fit your vehicle’s braking system.

Participating in a vehicle maintenance program for all of your brake service needs is important for obvious safety reasons, but also for your wallet. You will spend less on brake maintenance than brake repair.

When considering future car repair services, keep in mind the safety and savings in a vehicle maintenance program.

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