Check Engine Light Diagnosis in Longmont

Check Engine LongmontEveryone dreads seeing one warning light start glowing on their dashboard: the check engine light. Your mind races to all the potential problems and resulting bill, and you hope that it will just go away. Fortunately, the check engine light often signals a small problem and the ASE certified technicians at Best Auto Repair in Longmont can quickly diagnose and repair the cause.

Top 4 Reasons Behind the Check Engine Light:

  1. Loose or Broken Gas Cap- Make sure to tighten the gas cap after filling up to avoid this irritation. The reason the warning light comes on if the cap is loose or cracked is because if the seal is not tight, gas can evaporate and/or escape.
  2. Oxygen Sensor Goes Out- If one of your car’s oxygen sensors goes out, its emissions will go up and the gas mileage will go down. It will need to be replaced to properly adjust the air-fuel mixture.
  3. Spark Plugs Wear Out- The older your vehicle, the more likely a worn out spark plug is to blame for the check engine light coming on. If it is the ignition coil, you may also notice issues when starting your engine.
  4. Faulty Catalytic Converter- If this part goes bad, it is usually after something else has broken. The reason the warning light will come on if it breaks is because your car will be producing more hazardous emissions.

If your car’s check engine light comes on, don’t just hope that the problem will fix itself- delaying diagnosis can often lead to more significant and costly repairs. For check engine light diagnosis in Longmont, come to the ASE certified mechanics at Best Auto Repair to get your vehicle’s problem identified and fixed efficiently. Our professional technicians are also trained in all types of electrical system repairs for cars, trucks, SUVs and vans- come in today!

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