Compact Car Jumpstarter– Antigravity Battery


The next great product is a compact car jump-starter called the Micro Start Antigravity battery. The number of uses the antigravity battery has makes it one of the most versatile items you can keep in your car. It’s a small, 14-ounce lithium battery that can fit in your glovebox, but this tiny device packs a punch. It has the power to jump your car or motorcycle, and charge any electronic device such as phones and laptops. You can charge it at home or from your car’s lighter, and the antigravity battery will hold its charge for a long time. The antigravity battery is a great thing to keep in your car in case of emergencies, or simply if you just need to charge your devices on the go. Take it with you on long road trips or camping for extra-preparedness. Nearly all the Best Auto Longmont technicians have the antigravity battery because of its compact versatility. They sell for around $160 and will last for a good while, so consider adding one to your wish list or call Best Auto Longmont to special order one for you if this product seems like a good addition to your car basics. This is simply a great product we want you to know about whether or not you get it from us–again you can buy it online or have Best Auto Longmont order the antigravity battery for you.

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