Best Auto of Longmont offers vehicle engine replacement services (previously rebuilt or new engine).  Our ASE trained automotive technicians have the skill and equipment to provide top quality engine replacement services. We warranty our engine replacement service for 2-3 year 24,000 – 36,000 mile warranty.

At a very high level, our engine replacement service involves:

  1. Carefully disconnect external engine pumps and components
  2. Remove and secure all electric connections to the engine
  3. Detach the transmission from the engine
  4. Remove the motor mounts and lift the engine out of the vehicle
  5. Install the new or replacement engine back in the vehicle
  6. Reconnect electrical system
  7. Reconnect pumps and external components
  8. Perform engine break in procedure
  9. Inspect engine for any leaks or malfunctions
  10. Provide customer with information on engine break-in oil change schedule.

Our engine replacement service is much more comprehensive than what is listed above.  We provide the high level engine replacement service process as an aid in understanding the high-level tasks and processes involved. If you have any detailed questions, please call Best Auto of Longmont for more information.

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by Danny on Best Auto Longmont

Best Auto Repair of Longmont is Awesome! They did a great job on my repairs, no hassle and very diligent. Supporting office staff was also very helpful. They answered all questions and made sure I knew exactly what was going to happen with my vehicle and how long the repairs would take. It was a great experience. I would highly recommend this team to friends and family.

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