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Gasket Repair LongmontWe all want to avoid someone who “blows a gasket”, and the engine trouble that this phrase stems from is also something we also hope to avoid. However, if your car is showing signs of a blown gasket, trust the professional mechanics at Best Auto Repair in Longmont to expertly restore your engine.

The head gasket’s function is to seal off the pressure occurring inside the engine’s combustion chamber while blocking the outside coolant. The gases generated from combustion are extremely hot compared to the coolant’s temperature, which can dip down to just above freezing. There are also a small relative number of bolts between the engine block and cylinder head, which can create uneven wear on the head gasket. Due to the stress of extreme temperatures and uneven pressure, gaskets are prone to developing leaks eventually or blowing if the engine has overheated.

4 Signs of a Leaking Head Gasket

  1. Coolant leak, or extreme loss of coolant
  2. Bubbles in radiator or overflow tank
  3. White smoke from exhaust
  4. White milky oil

It is critical to stop driving your vehicle if it is showing two or more of the above symptoms. If these signs are due to a gasket leak, the gases and coolant that have escaped can cause significant damage to the engine block. Unfortunately, there is not much preventative maintenance that can be done to avoid a blown gasket besides keeping the engine coolant filled and fresh.

Repairing a damaged head gasket is not an easy procedure because it requires the removal of many other components, such as the intake and exhaust manifold, alternator and power steering pump, to reach the broken part. If your vehicle needs gasket repair, it is critical to have this work performed by a trusted repair shop because all the components that need to be removed also need to be reinstalled perfectly. Best Auto Repair in Longmont has the required expertise to properly repair a leaking or blown head gasket or any other needed engine repair– call us today!

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