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car heater repair Longmont Although it might not feel like it with this week’s unseasonably warm temperatures, winter is coming and you’ll want to make sure your car is ready for those frosty mornings. If your car’s heater is struggling to produce hot air, bring it in to Best Auto Repair in Longmont for a quick diagnosis and repair.

Many systems are interconnected in modern vehicles, and the heating system is no exception. A car’s engine is cooled and cabin is heated through the same circuit. The coolant that absorbs heat from the engine is used to heat the inside of your car through the heater core, which is essentially a smaller version of the radiator that cycles the same coolant.

If your car heater is not producing hot air, the thermostat or coolant flow is probably restricted. The thermostat’s job is to open a valve to allow more coolant in when the engine is hot or close it off when it’s cold. If the valve is stuck shut, the coolant reaching the heater core is probably not sufficiently hot enough to warm the cabin. If the thermostat is in good operating condition, then the problem is probably due to build-up. When too much sediment and grime accumulate in the heater core, then the flow of coolant will be restricted.

Even though these two car heater repairs may seem simple, Popular Mechanics cautions that, “Replacing the thermostat can be a 20-minute job or a real hassle [and] the heater-core flush is messy, so you might want to take your car to a shop for service.” Don’t take the chance of freezing on your morning commute this winter- if your car heater is not working reliably, let the certified technicians at Best Auto Repair in Longmont quickly fix any problem for toasty winter travel!

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