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Air Conditioning Repair LongmontWith the heat of summer upon us here in Longmont, your vehicle’s AC unit is getting a workout and the professionals at Best Auto Repair want to make sure you’re riding in comfort by maintaining your car’s air conditioning. There are six main components of a vehicle’s air conditioning system that could cause a problem: the refrigerant, the receiver that filters it, the compressor that circulates it, the condenser that changes it from gas to liquid, the expansion valve and the evaporator that cools the refrigerant and blows the cooled air into the car.

5 Main Reasons Your Car’s Air Conditioning Isn’t Working in Longmont

  1. Low refrigerant- If the compressor is cycling too frequently, the mechanic will use an AC gauge to determine if the system is properly filled.
  2. A leak- A visual inspection of the unit will reveal a leak from a hose, condenser or compressor if there is oily residue on any of these parts.
  3. Faulty valve- If the expansion valve is not functioning correctly, the flow of the refrigerant will be impeded and lead to a warm cab.
  4. Broken cooling fan- If the air conditioning only seems to work when driving at high speeds, a broken cooling fan is usually to blame.
  5. Failing compressor- When the system is charged but still making a lot of noise, it’s prudent to replace the compressor before it completely fails and contaminants the rest of the parts.

If your vehicle’s AC unit is not keeping you cool, bring it into the ASE trained mechanics at Best Auto Repair of Longmont to quickly diagnose and repair your air conditioning system!

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