Ignition Problems and Repair in Longmont

Ignition problems LongmontWhen you turn the key in your car, you expect it to start instantly but there are several links prone to failing in the chain of events required to get your vehicle’s motor running. A gear on the starter engages with the flywheel to get the engine to turn over, after which fuel is let into the combustion chamber for ignition. If you notice your car displaying any of the following warning signs, bring it into Best Auto Repair in Longmont for an ASE certified technician to quickly solve your ignition problems.


5 Common Ignition Problems

  1. Faulty Ignition Switch- Usually this part is the culprit if it’s taking awhile for the engine to start, the dash lights flicker during ignition or if the key becomes hard to turn.
  2. Broken Starter- If you hear loud or multiple clicks when turning the key, the starter is probably not engaging with the flywheel to get the motor going.
  3. Bad Alternator- When the alternator starts to fail, the battery will not be getting fully charged and will not be able to generate the spark needed for ignition.
  4. Failing Fuel Pump- If your vehicle is randomly jerking or accelerating in short bursts, most likely the fuel pump is not properly delivering gas from the tank to the engine. Clogged fuel injectors can also prevent enough gas from reaching the combustion chamber for ignition.
  5. Short Circuit/Blown Fuse- Smoke coming from under the engine means the starter is overheating due to either receiving continued power or continuing to run after the engine has started.

If your car is showing any signs of having trouble starting, it’s best to schedule a diagnostic appointment to avoid being stranded with an engine that won’t turn over at all. The experienced mechanics at Best Auto in Longmont can quickly resolve any ignition problems and get you back on the road in a reliable vehicle!

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