There is more to a car exhaust than a tailpipe and a muffler.  Your cars exhaust system is a series of pipes that connect the catalytic converter all the way to the muffler.  It controls noise and funnels dangerous exhaust fumes away from you and your passengers.  Keeping this exhaust system in it’s best condition is critical to your cars overall performance, for the environment, and for your safety.  Best Auto Repair of Longmont offers a full line of exhaust and muffler services and top quality replacement systems.

Mufflers and exhaust systems slowly deteriorate over time so it’s always a good idea to have your muffler ad exhaust system checked regularly.  We also have plenty of rough driving conditions in Longmont from winter slush and wetness to potholes and unpaved roads that can give your exhaust and muffler a good deal of stress.  Best Auto will examine your entire muffler and exhaust system to determine needed repairs and replacement options and do an exhaust system or muffler replacement with top quality NAPA parts and we guarantee our service!

There are several warning signs that your muffler or another part of your exhaust system needs attention:

  • The car, truck, or SUV sounds louder than normal
  • Intermittent popping or hissing sounds when engine is running
  • Your miles per gallon (MPG) starts to decrease
  • An unpleasant odor coming from under the vehicle (this can happened from holes forming in your muffler and exhaust system and carbon monoxide escapinginto your car


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Best Auto Repair of Longmont is Awesome! They did a great job on my repairs, no hassle and very diligent. Supporting office staff was also very helpful. They answered all questions and made sure I knew exactly what was going to happen with my vehicle and how long the repairs would take. It was a great experience. I would highly recommend this team to friends and family.

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