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For such a tiny component of the ignition system, spark plugs play a big role and can cause even bigger problems when not working properly. According to AA1Car, “No spark means no combustion, wasted energy, increased emissions, loss of performance, idle roughness, hesitation, hard starting and possibly even a no start if all of the plugs are affected.” Best Auto in Longmont has the knowledgeable ASE-certified technicians to quickly diagnose an ignition problem and get your vehicle running smoothly again with new spark plugs.

FAQ of New Spark Plugs

What exactly does a spark plug do?

Voltage between 4,000 to 28,000 volts travels down the center of the plug, ionizing the air between electrodes on the end to form a spark. The spark only lasts a millisecond and occurs at the same time the piston reaches the top center of its compression stroke, starting the burn.

Why is the heat range of a spark plug important?

If a plug runs too hot, it increases the chance of engine-damaging preignition or detonation. If it runs too cold, then fouling deposits may build up during extended idling and low speeds. Most manufacturers use a copper core, which allows for a broader heat range, but it is still important to make sure the range is appropriate for the engine application.

When are new spark plugs needed?

Plugs that have electrodes made of platinum, iridium or other wear-resistant alloys can last more than 100,000 miles, whereas standard plugs only last for 30,000 to 45,000 miles. Upgrading to extended life spark plugs is worth the cost when they improve ignition reliability and overall engine performance and reduce the need for maintenance.

What is the most common spark plug problem?

Fouling is the #1 reason why spark plugs need to be replaced. When fuel deposits build up on the plug electrodes, the voltage is prevented from jumping the gap to make the spark. Did you know that just one fouled plug can decrease the power of a four-cylinder engine by up to 25%? This will also result in a large increase in fuel consumption and emissions.

If your engine cranks but will not start or runs but misfires, bring your vehicle into the experienced mechanics at Best Auto in Longmont for a quick diagnosis and replacement with new spark plugs that are longer-lasting!

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