The old rule of thumb for changing the oil and oil filter in your vehicle was 3 months or 3,000 miles, which ever comes first. This is actually a very conservative rule, as today’s advanced motor oils last much longer, especially synthetics. Many auto repair shops keep preaching the 3,000 mile oil change as a way of getting customers in the door so they can find more issues with their car and sell them more services. At the same time, there are driving condition considerations that you should keep in mind.

Best Auto of Longmont recommends that you change your oil based on your vehicle’s manufacturer specs, combined with how your vehicle is used.  If your car stays on the pavement, and you are not towing or using your vehicle in extreme conditions, you are safe to run your vehicle for 5,000 miles between oil changes.  However, if you are commuting over dirt roads where dust is often being sucked into your vehicle’s intake, you may want to change the air filter and oil more often.  Towing, excessive idling, delivery service use, extreme weather (hot and cold) or excessive mountain driving can shorten the life of your vehicles motor oil.

Bring your vehicle into Best Auto of Longmont for your next oil change, as we’d be glad to service your vehicle as needed.

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Best Auto Repair of Longmont is Awesome! They did a great job on my repairs, no hassle and very diligent. Supporting office staff was also very helpful. They answered all questions and made sure I knew exactly what was going to happen with my vehicle and how long the repairs would take. It was a great experience. I would highly recommend this team to friends and family.

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