Power Steering Problems and Solutions

Power Steering LongmontPower steering was one of the best technological advantages in the automotive industry, and one that we usually take for granted! The latest advancement in this area is electric power steering, which adds an electric motor to the steering system and helps improve fuel economy. However, most cars on the road today still have a hydraulic system that uses fluid to take pressure off internal mechanisms, thereby allowing the driver to turn the wheel with less effort.

Since steering is the main way that drivers control their vehicle, regular maintenance is essential to ensure smooth maneuverability and safety on the road. Best Auto Repair in Longmont is the top local mechanic to maintain your car’s power steering as part of its regularly scheduled service and to quickly repair any power steering problems.

3 Signs of Power Steering Problems Needing Service by Auto Repair Shop

  1. Vibrating Steering Wheel

    Hydraulic pressure based systems are powered by a serpentine belt, which also runs the alternator, radiator fan and air conditioning compressor, and vibration will occur if this belt is slipping from its pulley or torn. If your power steering problem is caused by a malfunctioning drive belt, a mechanic will pinpoint the problem area on the belt by identifying where in the turning radius the wheel starts shaking.

  2. Difficulty Turning the Steering Wheel

    If it’s taking a lot more muscle to turn your car than it used to, low power steering fluid is often the problem, although low tire pressure or poor alignment can also be to blame. A puddle of pink or amber liquid beneath your car is a telltale sign of a power steering fluid leak.  Replacing the steering fluid as part of regular maintenance by an auto repair shop is important because over time the fluid will become contaminated from normal wear and tear on the hydraulic system.

  3. Whining Noise When Turning

    Loud groaning noises when you steer left or right are a sign that some mechanical part of the hydraulic system is failing. Sometimes the noise is just due to low power steering fluid, but it often indicates that the pump itself is damaged and needs replaced.  For this car repair, having a highly trained technician inspect the system for leaks or damages is crucial.

So if your steering feels rough or is producing unusual sounds, trust the experienced mechanics at Best Auto Repair in Longmont to expertly diagnose and quickly repair any power steering problems.

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