Pre-Purchase Inspection and Emissions

If you are considering buying a used vehicle, Best Auto Longmont has a couple of pointers to help guide you in your purchase. For one, many car buyers are unaware that their used vehicle must undergo a Colorado emissions test before being registered. Here at Best Auto Longmont, we have seen car owners bring in a recently purchased used vehicle and find that it requires hundreds of dollars in repairs to pass the Colorado emissions test. Many times these repairs are centered in problems with the catalytic converters or the evaporation system. When purchasing a used vehicle, you shouldn’t have to bear the burden of these necessary repairs. In fact, most people don’t know that the seller is required to provide a passed emissions test to the purchaser. Don’t just buy your car ‘as is’; instead, Best Auto Longmont recommends that you ask the seller to provide you with a passed emissions test form if they have not. It is the seller’s responsibility and is an assurance to you as the purchaser.

Also, if you’re considering buying a used vehicle, the Best Auto Longmont team suggests coming to us for a pre-purchase vehicle inspection. Much like the emissions form, the pre-purchase inspection is another way to provide you piece of mind about the reliability of your vehicle before you purchase it. During the pre-purchase inspection, Best Auto Longmont will evaluate the suspension, heating and cooling, drivability, fluids, wires and hoses, and more. This way you can know the state of the vehicle and whether or not there may be potential problems hiding under the surface. Best Auto considers the pre-purchase vehicle inspection a simple and easy way to make sure the used vehicle will be worth your while.

A passed emissions test form and a pre-purchase inspection are two easy steps you can take before purchasing a used vehicle. Best Auto Longmont considers these steps an easy way to give you piece of mind in your decision to buy a used vehicle, and can alert you to potential problems in the vehicle before you invest in it. Getting a passed emissions test from your car seller and a pre-purchase inspection at Best Auto Longmont can assure you that you’ve made the right decision before purchasing your vehicle.

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