Prevent Overheating this Summer with a Radiator Flush

Radiator Flush LongmontWith Memorial Day right around the corner, maybe you’ve started to think about taking a road trip this summer. If so, the last place you’ll want to end up is on the side of the road with smoke pouring from under your car’s hood. When planning your summer vacation, be sure to prevent an overheated engine and get your radiator flushed while the expert mechanics at Best Auto in Longmont prepare your car for the road.

An overheated engine is most often due to the coolant that circles through the engine and radiator not effectively dispelling heat. It’s a good idea to have the condition of your anti-freeze checked at each oil change and if it’s found to be dirty, it’s relatively inexpensive to have your coolant flushed out and replaced. It’s important to distinguish between draining and flushing your radiator: draining only removes about half of the anti-freeze, which means the the old solution will mix with and reduce the efficacy of the new; flushing, on the other hand, pushes several gallons of anti-freeze through the cooling system and guarantees that all contaminants are removed.

3 Benefits of a Radiator Flush

  1. Removes Contaminants- like rust and scale that build up as the anti-corrosive properties of the coolant wear out over time. Fresh additives in the new anti-freeze will prevent build up much more effectively.
  2. Efficient Operation- New anti-freeze will also do a better job at preventing foaming in the cooling system, and will freshly lubricate the water pump, whose operation is critical in preventing overheating.
  3. Safety- A complete inspection of the entire cooling system to check for leaks is included when flushing out your radiator.

So before you hit the road this summer, call Best Auto of Longmont for a quick and economical radiator flush to ensure that you arrive at your destination safely!

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