Preventative Maintenance

There are many common problems that can happen to your vehicle that are costly to fix. Engine replacement, engine parts, and frequently needing new tires can all happen. However these problems are the result of small, overlooked maintenance that can really help your car with little time and effort. Preventative maintenance is very cheap whereas large fixes can run into the thousands. The importance of preventative maintenance with your vehicle really comes down to your safety and the longevity of your car. One of the most common is remembering to do an oil change in your car before it’s too late. Some cars have larger oil pans than others, however the rule of thumb of getting it changed every three months or three thousand miles usually holds true, but if your car manufacturer says differently in your owner’s manual, follow their instructions.

After this point of 3 months or three thousand miles, the oil becomes too dirty to be effective and will heat up parts of your engine, eventually wearing out or warping essential components. At a certain point the entire engine must be replaced (yikes!). However, oil changes are quick and cheap. Another way to save a lot of time and money is to regularly check things like tire pressure and alignment checks. This will make your car run more efficiently, and wear your tires evenly so that you don’t need to replace them as much. Remember that Best Auto provides free alignment checks, so if you think your car’s alignment may be off please stop by! Best Auto can also send you automatic preventative maintenance reminders for things like oil changes based on your estimated driving mileage.


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