Repair a Car Vacuum Leak to Restore Optimal Performance

car vacuum leak repair LongmontModern vehicles use engine vacuum to control a large number of processes and components. According to Popular Mechanics, “Even a tiny leak, as small as 0.020 of an inch, can degrade engine performance, compromise driveability and turn on your Check Engine light.” The ASE-certified technicians at Best Auto Repair in Longmont have the experience and equipment to detect even the smallest car vacuum leak that can be causing a big issue with your vehicle’s performance.

The air needed for internal combustion enters the engine through a butterfly valve, creating a vacuum in the intake manifold. This vacuum is utilized in a wide variety of operations from reducing the force needed to brake to reducing emissions. A system of vacuum lines carries the fuel vapor collected in a charcoal canister when the car is off back to the engine when turned on. The number of hoses has increased since the EPA requires essentially all gas fumes to be prevented from entering the environment.

Potential Problems Caused by a Car Vacuum Leak

  • Erratic Idle
  • Misfires from Unbalanced Air-Fuel Ratio
  • Decrease in Fuel Economy
  • Check Engine Light Turns On
  • Power Brake Booster Reduced
  • Emissions-Control System Compromised

There are dozens of places where vacuum leaks can occur, and without a vacuum-hose diagram or a professional-grade smoke generator, they can be very elusive to locate. Age will cause rubber hoses and plastic fittings to wear down, and a cracked header or loose manifold gasket are also potential problem areas in the vacuum system. A smoke generator also makes it easy to check for any exhaust leaks, which can imitate a vacuum leak. With the right equipment, the experienced technicians of Best Auto Repair in Longmont can pinpoint a car vacuum leak anywhere in the engine and get it repaired quickly to return your car to its optimal performance level.

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