Role of Catalytic Converter in the Exhaust System

exhaust system LongmontThe function of a catalytic converter is to convert engine emissions into non-hazardous gases through a chemical catalyst. It is a vital part in the exhaust system to prevent pollution. A damaged catalytic converter will need to be replaced to make emissions safe, and the highly trained technicians at Best Auto Repair in Longmont have the experience to thoroughly evaluate your vehicle’s exhaust system and return it to maximum efficiency in a jiffy.

Signs a Failing Catalytic Converter Needs an Exhaust System Check

  • Exhaust Problems: A clogged converter will restrict output and a crack will cause leaks. If dark smoke is being produced from the muffler or it smells like rotten eggs/sulfur, a faulty catalytic converter is most likely to blame.

  • Rattling Noise: The inside of a catalytic converter contains a honeycomb structure that can start to break apart due to age or damage. These pieces will rattle around internally causing a noise that will be more noticeable when turning on the car and will also become progressively louder.

  • Poor Engine Performance: If you notice a decrease in your vehicle’s acceleration, power or fuel economy, a damaged catalytic converter may be to blame. Since the converter is a vital component of the exhaust system, any problems with it will reduce overall engine performance.

  • Check Engine Light Illuminated: The sensors that monitor oxygen and fuel ratios will turn the check engine light on if they detect that exhaust gases are beyond the recommended levels. This is a strong indication that the catalytic converter is becoming inefficient, but there are many other possible reasons for a check engine light alert that only a computer scan will disclose.

If you suspect your vehicle’s exhaust system needs repair or if it fails an emissions test, bring it to the ASE-certified mechanics at Best Auto Repair in Longmont for a quick diagnosis and solution.


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