Signs a New Fuel Pump is Needed

new fuel pump LongmontThe fuel pump is a simple but essential component of internal combustion engines: its job is to deliver gas from the tank to the engine at a specific pressure for performance needs. Usually fuel pumps can be relied on to last for many, many miles- unless, you regularly put in less than a quarter tank of gas in your car. So if you start to notice performance issues, strange whining or difficulty starting bring your vehicle into Best Auto Repair of Longmont to check if it might be time for a new fuel pump.

Signs Your Car Needs a New Fuel Pump

  1. Loud Whine- A smoothly operating fuel pump emits a quiet hum so if you start hearing a loud whining noise coming from the tank, something is wrong.
  2. Slow Start- If the fuel pump is wearing out, the pressure it creates will be weaker so the engine may take a few more cranks to get started.
  3. Poor Engine Performance- When the pump is not sending enough gas into the engine to maintain the proper air-fuel ratio for combustion, then all sorts of problems can occur. Possible performance issues from a failing fuel pump are misfires, stalling, and decreased acceleration, power or fuel efficiency.
  4. Failure to Start- If the pump is totally defunct and not able to provide enough fuel to get the engine running, it will still crank but not start.

Hopefully you won’t have to think about replacing your car’s fuel pump until it reaches high mileage but, unfortunately, all mechanical parts are susceptible to breaking unexpectedly or wearing out prematurely. If you suspect your fuel pump may be failing, have the ASE-certified mechanics at Best Auto Repair in Longmont run a quick diagnostic test to pinpoint your vehicle’s trouble. No matter if just a new part or more extensive repair is needed, we’ll have your car up and running again fast for a very reasonable rate!


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