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recharge car ac LongmontDid you know that the refrigerant used in your car’s air conditioner can damage the environment? That is why the EPA requires technicians to be certified and use approved recycling equipment when working on a motor vehicle’s air conditioner. Interestingly, the “EPA does not require leak repair before refrigerant is charged into a vehicle” but anytime a car’s AC system is opened for repair or just maintenance, the refrigerant should be recycled (which means cleaned of impurities). Best Auto Repair in Longmont has certified technicians and EPA-approved equipment to recharge your vehicle’s air conditioner, and can also handle all necessary repairs should any leaks be detected.

3 Options to Recharge Your Car’s AC

  1. Adding more refrigerant– Although topping off the system will result in a noticeable temperature improvement inside the car, it could also actually impair the air conditioner’s performance. Mechanics cannot precisely measure how much refrigerant your vehicle currently has when brought in, and guessing how much to add can result in either undercharging or overcharging it.
  2. Draining and refilling– An evacuation and recharge service removes any guesswork because the technician is able to refill the system to the exact manufacturer recommendation. All of the existing refrigerant is drained and impurities are removed through a cleaning process before being introduced back into the AC along with any needed new amount.
  3. Repair leaking components– Although an electronic leak detector is usually successful in locating the problem, small leaks are sometimes difficult to pinpoint. However, although topping off or recharging a system are effective approaches, they provide short-term benefits and only repairing a leak will improve your vehicle’s AC for the long-term.

Now through the end of June, Best Auto Repair of Longmont is running a special for $15 off a recover and recharge service for your car’s air conditioning system! And should your vehicle’s AC system still use the outdated and increasingly expensive CFC-12, or chlorofluorocarbon, refrigerant, our shop can retrofit it to use the newer HFC-134a, or hydrofluorocarbon, refrigerant as well. Call us today before the hot weather hits!

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