Wheel Alignment for Safe Handling this Winter

Wheel alignment longmontNow that winter weather has arrived, rough driving conditions have also. Potholes wreck havoc on your vehicle’s suspension system. Having proper wheel alignment improves handling and prevents premature wear on your tires. For fast and precise wheel alignment, bring your car into the expert mechanics at Best Auto Repair in Longmont.

5 Signs Your Car Needs an Alignment

  1. Uneven Wear on Tires- If you notice more wear on either the inside or outside edge of the tire, this is a definite indication of misalignment.
  2. Squealing Tires- If the tires are tilting too far outward or inward (positive or negative camber), or if they are angled toe-in or toe-out, then there will be uneven pressure on the tires.
  3. Pulling to One Side- When traveling down a straight road, try briefly letting go of the steering wheel to test if your vehicle angles off to the right or left.
  4. Unusual Steering- Another sign of misalignment is if your steering wheel shakes or is difficult to maneuver. The wheel should also return to center smoothly and easily after making a turn.
  5. Sideways Movement- If when watching from behind, you see the car move sideways when pulling away and the wheels are pointed straight, this points to all four wheels needing adjusted.

Best Auto Repair uses Hunter’s HawkEye Wheel Alignment System to precisely align your vehicle’s tires with state-of-the-art cameras. This system also generates a visual analysis of the alignment before and after adjustment; see the example above. If you suspect your car is out of alignment, don’t wait and risk prematurely wearing down your tires- make an appointment today for a free alignment check at Best Auto in Longmont!

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