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Shocks or Struts Repair LongmontAlthough spring brings the welcome return of green trees and warmer weather, it also means the unwelcome return of potholes and road construction. These rough road conditions might bring to your attention that your ride is not as smooth as it used to be. When your suspension system needs inspected, Best Auto Repair of Longmont is the reliable and efficient auto mechanic you should turn to for shock or strut repair.

Dampening the suspension’s spring action and assisting in handling are the two main functions of your vehicle’s shocks or struts. The shock absorbers subdue the springs that absorb road fluctuations and prevent the tires from continually bouncing up and down- essentially, keeping your car manageable to control. Shocks are more commonly installed on trucks and SUVs while struts are standard on cars, and one system cannot be swapped for the other. Struts are more complex structural units that combine shock absorption with steering to also stabilize your vehicle and provide a smooth ride. Without correctly functioning shocks or struts, your vehicle will sway on turns and slide on rough roads.

3 Signs that Your Shocks or Struts Need Repaired

    • The telltale sign your suspension needs work is when it feels like your vehicle drops severely when going over a bump or bounces excessively after.
    • If your car’s front end takes a nosedive when the brakes are applied or the rear end dips when you accelerate, the suspension needs checked.
    • Premature or abnormal tire wear may also point to worn down shocks and struts.


Fortunately, shocks and struts are slow to wear (most manufacturers suggest maintenance only every 50,000 miles) but since they are such a critical part of driving control, it is imperative they be replaced once worn out. If you suspect your shocks or struts need replaced, let Best Auto Repair in Longmont perform a full suspension inspection to ensure you’re riding safely and in comfort!

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